Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Abrupt End

Gypsy and I had our date. I would give it a B+. Truthfully, it started off a little rough. She looked stunning and that did not help with my pre-game jitters. Eventually I was able to stop thinking about how beautiful she was and just have a natural conversation. After dinner we went to The Phantom of the Opera, which we both thought was amazing. Took her home, gave the usual goodnight hug (that lingered just a bit) and left with the super specific and detailed promise of "doing something again sometime soon." Done.

Fast forward about 16 hours and I am on The Facebook doing my thing. Of course my thing includes a quick check of Gypsy's page. And what do my eyes see? Her profile picture has changed to a pic of her and another girl. And they are both holding up pieces of paper. Oh Haillllll No. She got her mission call just days earlier! How did I not know this???? She never said anything about it to me! To her credit she was obviously not hiding it, but I don't go on Facebook that often. Maybe last week when it seemed like she wanted to mack, she just wanted to fill the canteen a little. In hindsight, I should have went for it. I'll never forgive myself.

Well the jig is up. No second date. No "doing something again sometime soon." I really need to replenish my dating pool. Preferably with girls that do not have rings or mission calls.

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Anonymous said...

I know this post is ancient, but after reading it... its so LAME when you're at a party and you see THAT ONE GIRL... and you look up her page later on facebook.. and to your HORROR you see her holding a cyan piece of paper.. and you know exactly what it is without reading it. You had all that motivation to take life by the horns and ask her out and then you get deflated when you realize she's a goner anyway.