Monday, January 14, 2013

Girls at Work and Disney Princesses

I have this festering crush on The Gypsy. We work together which is both a good and bad thing. Good because I see and talk with her often. Bad because all our conversations have been work focused, and I am her boss in some ways. I am having a really hard time shifting from work chit-chat to flirty chit-chat. I also don’t want to put her in the awkward position of rejecting her boss (not that she would reject smart, funny, rich, successful, tall, dark, handsome, ripped, blue-eyed, blond-haired, body-like-a-greek-god, all around good guy me.) I really do want ask her out though. We get along well and she’s smart, interesting and beautiful. Like very beautiful. Like the most beautiful girl I have ever considered asking on a date beautiful.

Want to know why I call her The Gypsy? It’s because she looks like Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Sharing this with my roommates sparked a huge debate over who is the best Disney Princess/Heroine. Below is each of our arguments:

Father Time – Belle is smart, well read, beautiful, and most importantly she isn’t afraid of a little body hair (Father Time is a scholar and gentleman, a hairy scholar and gentlemen.)

Hank- Ariel is the perfect girl, she shows up both silent and naked.

Me- Esmeralda is freaking hot, she’s feisty, and boy can she dance. The one problem is that she is the ultimate friend-zoner. Poor Quasimodo, forever alone.

Jim- Jasmine has that seductive shoulder strap/sleeves thing going where it’s almost like her top is continuously falling off. Plus you would marry into money.

Stan- Cinderella is beautiful yet classy, and she has to be good at cooking and cleaning.

Speedy Gonzales- Once again was not here for the conversation, but I’m guessing he is a big Nala fan.

Anyone else watch this and think Disney went a little too far with the pole dancing and throwing money on the stage? No? Just me?

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