Monday, January 21, 2013

Good and Bad News

I swear the phrase "I got some good and bad news for you, what do you want first?" was more common when I was kid. Personally, I always wanted the bad news first and so that's how I'm going to give it.

Bad News: I was at church, creeping on Opera and looking to make my move. I was losing all hope as church ended when I see her all alone, sitting on a couch looking through some papers. Perfect Blessed Day! These are perfect conditions! I say a quick prayer to the dating gods and start my approach, planning to open with the tired and true "How's it going?" (I am incredibly creative as you can tell.) My heart is beating and I'm closing in 15 ft away, 10 ft away, 5 ft away, and HOLY MOTHER OF JUPITER I see a Ring. A freaking circular band of metal encompassing her second finger on her left hand. ABORT! ABORT! 0 ft away, 5 ft away, 10 ft away...... just keep on walking.

Dodged a bullet. I swear I ring-checked her before, but maybe she just barely got engaged. I also swear she was at least a little flirty in our earlier interactions, but maybe she's just one of those types. This a real bummer since A) this is the only girl in the ward I have been crushing on and B) I wasted my first pick in the ward draft on her.

Good News: I asked out the Gypsy! (and you can just assume that if I ask out a girl she will say yes haha) We were working late and I gave her a ride home. She invited me inside to "hang out." Hang out.......riiiiiiight. It was pretty late, its Friday night, and she had already told me her roommates aren't home. Is Gypsy looking for a NCMO?

I mean, I want to make-out with her, she gorgeous! But at the same time I also want to have the chance to date her. I avoid sitting on the couch or suggesting that we watch a movie - that's the danger zone. The problem is that if you aren't sitting, you are standing. After awhile it gets awkward. So after a respectable amount of flirting, I make an excuse for having to leave. With my exit secure, I go in for the kill and ask her out. I was a little apprehensive with this one because of the the whole work/boss thing, but I think it will be fine.

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