Monday, January 14, 2013

Ward Draft Update

After our second church service in the new ward, we decided it was enough scouting and time to hold our draft. Obviously we don’t know the girls in the ward yet, and inevitably we’ll ask out some of the undrafted girls, but we feel like this is a good way to get things started.

Highlights from the draft:

  • Father Time drafted Rosie (the voluptuous freshman) with the first overall pick.
  • I drafted Opera (the cute tall blonde that sang in church Sunday and sounded like angel!) in the first round, and Tiny (a senior the size of a thimble).
  • Hank drafted Skinny Jeans girl (also a freshman with a umm particular body feature) in the first round.
  • Stan picked Ms. Daisy in the first round (I was really hoping she would fall to the second round so I could snatch her up, oh well.)
And now the 2-week clock starts ticking.

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Anonymous said...

If this isn't objectifying women, I don't know what is.