Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Girls' Majors

So as I try to replenish my dating pool, I am meeting all kinds of new girls. No meeting of two college students is complete without the exchanging of the usual info. Where you from? Where you living? Did you go on a mission? Where you going to school? How many kids do want? Will you have my children? All that good stuff. My favorite question of all of them is "What is your major?" Below is what I think of when I hear girls answer that question:
  • Dietetics- With all that knowledge of nutrition and health, they should be looking fit right? Not always the case in my experience. Maybe she can cook?
  • Elementary Ed- Baby Hungry
  • Family home sciences- Not really going to college, just looking to get married
  • English- One plus side, she can edit my papers (and blog posts). On the down side, she’ll be correcting the King’s grammar all the time (Veggie-tales reference there)
  • Dance- Probably a useless major, but she likes to move it, move it and I also like to move it, move it. And as my friend Abe says, "those dancers be healthy" (Abe hates English majors btw).
  • Engineering/CS/Math- What???? I’m extremely suspicious of their social skills but curious all the same.
  • Business- Probably being chased by a thousand business d-bags. Although she might have Sugar Momma potential.
  • Theatre- Drama queens, and that’s not just a joke, I really expect them to be more dramatic. Potentially be able to fake having a good time on a date.
  • Political Science- Probably annoying. Whether Left or Right wing, super vocal opinionated political people are aggravating.
  • Nursing- Sign me up. I want to date a nursing girl so bad. Just the thought a cute girl nursing me to health when I have the sniffles is sooo hot.
  • Women’s Studies- Probably either really cool or one of those girls that refuses to let you open the door for you (true story)
  • Psychology- Mind games. She is trying to psycho analyze me, I just know it.
  • Philosophy- I’m trying to think of any great female philosophers…. Ayn Rand? Well I despise Ayn so I don’t think they will be my type.
  • International Relations- Has dreams of traveling the world and saving all the child soldiers in Africa (Remember Kony!) Yeah that’s not going to happen.
  • Bio/Public Health/Neuro- Future Doctor? In theory that’s attractive, but in reality it just means a useless degree or 8 years of expensive and intense grad school.


Brooklyn McKenna said...

HAHA As an Elementary Ed major. I love that you put baby hungry. Come on, it's a great Mom job ;)

Elizabeth Downie said...

As an English major, I can promise I never correct grammar. Though I know men LOVE to be corrected (haha).

Anonymous said...

How about film?