Thursday, June 27, 2013

Confession #7: Cutest Girl in the Room

A lot of times I talk/flirt with the cutest girl in the room, just because she’s the cutest one available. Even when I wouldn’t normally think she was that cute, but she just happens to be the cutest out of those present. Sometimes (or maybe a lot of times) church events, little game nights, ward prayers, and other get-togethers don’t have any girls that I am very attracted to or interested in. If I have to be there for awhile though, why not make the best of it with whoever happens to be the Belle of that particular Ball so to speak. 

Now, just to be clear, I hate that I do this. Mainly because I don’t like to C-block my brethren who might also be there and genuinely be interested in the girl.

The problem is though, I would feel mean and juvenile if I left every social function early just because I didn’t think there were hot girls there (many guys actually do this). So instead I decide to stay and make the best of it by chatting up people. But as I try to decide who to chat with my mind starts saying, “Well if you have to talk to someone, might as well be Michelle. Yeah you probably wouldn’t ever be interested in her, but out of all these girls, she probably has the greatest chance.” Well that sounds pretty logical Mr. Brain (although this is my brain deciding that my brain’s argument to talk to Michelle is pretty logical, so I guess Mr. Brain is kinda biased). And so I go and make Michelle’s day. 

In conclusion: I am not trying to get in the way of other guys scoring with Michelle. My brain just automatically decides to use my socializing time as effectively as possible.  The other guys will just have to step up their game (Come at me Bro). 

 I do my moves, I do my dance moves

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