Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Ditch Efforts

Interesting thing happened Thursday.

I was driving home from work when I got a call. It was Brownie Girl and despite my intense curiosity, I didn't answer. Why the heck is she calling me? I haven't talked her in 2 weeks and I have a date with her roommate, The Roommate, tomorrow. Weird.

Imagine my surprise when I see her sitting outside my apartment door!

I stop dead in my tracks and start thinking frantically. OMG is she going to shank me in revenge for doing a hit and run on her? But it doesn't look she has a shank, so maybe she's here to hang out. But doesn't she know that I've been avoiding her and asking out her roommates the last few weeks? She has to know. Maybe she is here to tell me some horrible secret about The Roommate. Wait does The Roomate have a STD or something? Holy crap I bet she has STD! But wait, Brownie girl is looking all smiley and bubbly! The whole "your date has gonorrhea" talk would probably be more of a solemn face thing. Maybe its a funny anecdote about The Roommate. I dont know, I just know I rather this be about a STD than a DTR!

At this point I had been staring dumbfounded at her not saying anything for an uncomfortable 30 seconds (which is pretty much forever in silent dumbfounded staring years). Her smiley countenance started to turn into one of concern and she finally started the talking.

It turns out that she wanted me to go with her to get some brownies, uhhh I mean ice cream. Still not sure if she was concealing a sharpened piece of metal on her person, I kept my distance (physically and emotionally) and politely declined. I had a ton of work to catch up that night (a painfully true excuse). And off she went without a word of explanation or an attempt to stab me. Curious, very curious. 

Bravely, I went ahead with the date with The Roommate the next day and it was great. Overall I would give it A-. She was looking fine as ale, the conversation came easy, and the whole night was fun. We even have another date already scheduled for this week.

In conclusion, I think Brownie was making a last ditch effort - hoping to snag me before it was too late. All the signs of a Hail Mary were present, namely desperation and failure. Last ditch efforts never work in relationships. I have been a part of a few on both the pursuing and the pursued side of things. You know why they don't work? Because in that moment as you are taking your last shot at it, your target can sense your desperation like a dog smelling fear. That desperation tells them that they can do better. It reaffirms the pursued's decision to reject the pursuing. BAM.

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