Monday, June 17, 2013

My Personal Dating Statistics

I am a huge sports fan and one of the coolest parts of the sports is all the statistics that go with it. How good is a player? Well let's look at his BA (batting average), his WAR (Wins Above Replacement), his FG% (field goal percentage), his team's SOS (Strength of Schedule), or maybe even his WWROBITMOJ (Walks With Runners On Base In The Month Of June). Why do guys feel the need to measure and analyze every facet of a game? I honestly have no clue, but maybe it's connected to the parallel female urge to analyze everything in a relationship (or even the stuff before a relationship). What I do know is that my Fantasy Football point guard's above average WWROBITMOJ is killing me (smalls)!!!!.

Anyways, just for fun, I decided to do some statistical analysis on my dating life.

So just as a preface, I have been home from my mission for just a hair over 2 years. I will be drawing on data from that 2 year window of dating. Since I've been home from my mission, I have kept a list of all the girls I've been on dates with (and no I'm not going to post the list here haha).

Total D's (Dates): 55
Total FD's (First Dates): 35

55 dates! with 35 different girls! I estimate that is at least 150 hours and $2000 spent on dating just in the last 2 years. 35 iterations of the whole "so what's your major" conversations. Wow, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty impressed with myself. Good job me. And I'm not even counting any dates that occurred when I was officially exclusively dating someone.

Let's take a look at the month by month breakdown:

Average DpM (Dates per Month): 2.619

I feel like that's a strong average. I had a rookie slump when I first got back from my mission of course. Girls were scary and I was awkward and shy. Not a recipe for success.

I had another dip post break-up at the end of last year, but that is also understandable.

SFD% (Successful First Date Percentage): 34.3%

This measures how many of my first dates are successful or in other words, how many of my first dates get asked out on second dates. I wish this number was higher. It looks like for every 3 girls I ask out, only 1 of them get asked out a second time. The rest will be be dropped like they are hot, (or in this case probably not hot).
SSD% (Successful Second Date Percentage): 41.7%

This is the same thing, but how many second dates turn into third dates. Again, it would be nice if this was higher.
GFY rate (Girlfriend Yield rate):1 to 35

This is basically (# of girlfriends / first dates) in the 2 year time frame. Now this is depressing. I am averaging 1 girlfriend for every 35 first dates endured. Shoot me in the Face! This number would totally improve if everyone used my Date Rate sheets!

Hey look at this, I spread the love to all hair colors! Never accuse me of just wanting the blonde this shows, I will gladly take brunette or red-headed bombshells. Another insight gained from this graph is that I do not date girls with no heads. Are some of the heads empty? Maybe. But they definitely all have heads (gotta draw the line somewhere).

On first dates, I asked out the girl 33 out of 35 times. I don't expect girls to ask me out for the first date, but I'll usually go if they do ask me out. Want to know what percentage of those two brave girls got a second date? 0%, sad but true.

That's all for now. I'll leave you with this classic:

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