Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Confession #11: I'm Afraid Of Complimenting Girls

I have a really hard time giving compliments to girls. And when I say compliments, I don't mean use a pick-up line or give a back-handed compliment. I mean real compliments.

Sometimes I refrain from complimenting because I'm afraid the girl will think I like her, when really I just like her eyes. Other times I won't say anything because I'm afraid she'll think I like her but because I really do like her (SHE CAN'T KNOW, NOT LIKE THIS!).

Once I thought a friend of mine's shorts were cute, could I tell her? No way. I was afraid she'd translate it into the pervy "I've been staring at your butt all day" (even though I had technically done a fair share of that). Recently I wanted to tell a girl she was the funniest girl that I knew, but I feared she would take it as sexist or backhanded.

In sum, I don't understand women, and therefore I fear how their minds will react to my compliments. Thereforefore, I decide to skip complimenting them altogether. Thereforeforefore, a lot of women are yearning for a kind word or two from me. Or not. Like I said, I don't understand women.

Guys on the other hand, no problem. Telling my buddy his shorts were cute. BAM! Done. I think Steve has nice eyes? I'm telling Steve he has nice eyes (he doesn't really, sorry Steve (.....nah, who am I kidding? He has fine peepers)).

I had to add this video, it just goes so well with the compliment above

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Elizabeth Downie said...

This post actually made me smile. I get where you're coming from with this. You're wise to hold back.