Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why Guys Don't Call For A Second Date

So I took a poll. Included in my poll (all dudes of course) were many of my friends, co-workers, and roommates (past and present). I asked one question - "When you went on a 1st date with a girl, but never called her for a second date, what was the reason you didn't call her for that second date?"

I kept track of their responses and accumulated the list below, ordered from most frequent to least frequent response. Enjoy!

  1. Convo was dull/no spark/no connection (usually this is only if she was borderline attractive to him to begin with, if she is very attractive to him, he would have give her a second chance)
  2. On second thought, he’s not that attracted to her. (again this is one of those scenarios where she was borderline attractive to him and he had decided to give her a shot)
  3. Finds out she’s going on mission or wants to go on a mission (this one has been more prevalent this past year I guess)
  4. Girl was too young/immature
  5. Girl was scary/weird (e.g. asked him how many kids he wanted/ all she talked about was anime)
  6. Girl seemed too worldly/ high maintenance
  7. Girl seemed not smart enough/too ditzy (Especially prevalent among my smart, successful future millionaire friends who would be afraid of introducing the girl to their coworkers)
  8. Girl did not seem to be into him. No signs of interest from her, no second date for her. (You can’t play too coy ladies)
  9. A “better” girl is available. Basically the guy was also interested in Girl B at the time of the first date with Girl A and that things with that Girl B developed faster or looked more promising, even though in different circumstances they would have asked out Girl A again. Even more basically, bad timing.
  10. Only doing it as friendly one-time thing anyways, never having the intention of asking her on more dates.
  11. Girl was too easy (they mack attack on the first date)
  12. Decided there was no romanitic spark and therefore better just stay friends. (When asking out a friend)
  13. Girl is too naïve/sheltered
  14. Thinks another guy has moved in on girl (often times this comes after a period of indecision/fear/waiting to long)
  15. She dressed immodestly
  16. She didn’t dress nicely or seem to put any effort into her appearance for the date.
  17. He prayed about it and she wasn’t the one
  18. She lived to far away

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