Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Confession #12: My Best Source Of Intel On Girls (No Not Facebook)

Sometimes its hard to figure out what a girl is really like. Oh sure I can go on dates with a girl and observe her in social settings, but is that really going to reveal the true nature of this girl? I think not.

Long have I been warned that some girls (who am I kidding, all girls) act differently in front of guys. If I want a more honest view of what a girl is really like, I need to get it from a non-boy (preferably a girl, but shemales could work in some situations, depending on the situation). The problem is,asked point-blank, most girls (especially roommates) will not bad-mouth their fellow female.

Me: What's Suzy like? I want to get to know her more.
Girl: Oh Suzy? She's a doll. You should totally take her out. blah blah blah

But given enough time, many girls (especially roommates) will eventually bad mouth each other to me with out my asking. Really it is amazing how often this happens.

Three weeks later....
Me: Hey do you know what time it is?
Girl: Oh my gosh, Suzy is so annoying. She never cleans up after herself. She spends all day making a mess and spends all night hooking on the corner.

Actual conversation. But really our apartment currently has two courtesans who come over to hang out all the time. And two girls are roommates. And they constantly tell us horrible things about each other. Literally Girl A will come in our apartment, complain about Girl B, and then leave. Hours later, Girl B will plop on the couch and complain about Girl A. Both are cute, neither are getting asked out by any of us anytime soon.

Obviously I can't take everything girls say about each other at face value, but I do find the extra info very helpful.

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Katie Price said...

I think this is a gross exaggeration of what a very small number of girls do. Personally, I never complain to guys about my roommates behind their backs. Actually, I have had several guys complain to me about their roommates.