Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Confession #13: Smelling Girls

In my mind, one of the major things that differentiates guys and girls (besides, you know, boobs of course) is the smell. Girls smell good and guys smell like ….uh….guys. This probably sounds weird, but when a girl has a nice girl smell going on it reminds me that this is not a guy or some neutral gender, but a woman. I will totally notice a girl or give her a second look if she is rocking a good perfume. I really believe smelling good can make a girl 10 to 15% more attractive.

Sometimes I even catch myself taking a sniff as a girl goes by haha. I swear its subconscious but I think I just like knowing how girls smells. It’s not like I’m getting all up people’s business and audibly sucking down some nostril air. Its much more classy than that. Not weird at all. 

Look, God gave me 5 senses and I intend use them all……to evaluate girls. Now if you excuse me, I have some girls to smell.....and feel up........ and I guess taste. 

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