Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Confession #15: I Hate Games

I hate games. And no, I'm not taking about the little mind games that happen during dating. I'm talking about "Apples to Apples". Yes, "Apples to Apples" and "Do you love your neighbor?" and "Taboo" and all that crap.


1. Ubiquity- At a ward activity, house party, family reunion, crowded bathroom? "Hey everyone, let's play a game!" Let's not. Can we not just sit and have a conversation like normal freaking adults? Is that too much to ask. An occasional game would be fine, but its like at every social function and I am sick of it. How am I suppose to flirt with Stacy and get her number if I every time I go to her apartment I get am stuck on the opposite end of a circle of 20 people people waiting to get passed a beeping device and trying to catch a phrase? Riddle me that.

2. Mindlessness- Some games are just completely stupid. For example, in Apples to Apple the way to win is either totally arbitrary or just dependent on some lame inside joke that Stacy and Rachel have about smelly elephants that is in no way funny for the 18 other people playing. I remember another ward activity where we played a game (whose name I did not do the honor of remembering) where everyone just takes turns rolls dice a million times and records the numbers- that's it. Who ever has the highest total wins or something stupid like that. It was the most mindless thing I have ever "played". I wanted to slap the people who were having fun. Why didn't we just each roll once and see who won, that would have save us an hour's worth of brain cells.

3. Competition-Games bring out the competitive side in people, and sometimes that's not a good look. I don't want to start a game, because I know if I do, then I will want to win. When I want to win, I will get super intense and cut-throat, I will straight up tell Stacy she is a "cow" just to distract and make me win. Oh I play dirty. And I'm such a sore loser. All petty and sullen afterward, its horrible.

4. Obnoxiousness escalation- We have all been to those get-togethers where everyone is playing some game and there are those few guys that are just starving for attention. They yell out increasingly loud and bizarre suggestions or more and more animated actions. Next thing you know its escalated into a zany 8th grade Drama class up in the joint.

And yes, I wrote this whole post in response to losing in Apples to Apples at FHE, what of it?

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