Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why Young Single Adults Often Act Like Young Single Children

I recently read a blog post The Infantilisation of Young Single Adults on a website that uses an alliteration similar to mine (just for the record, I didn't know this other blog existed when I created mine or else I totally would have went with "The Virile Virgin View" instead of "The Male Mormon Mind). Anywho, the post discusses how the YSA tend to act as and be treated as children (or at least not true adults). A major focus of the post is how YSA  activities are often like blanket forts, bingo, finger painting, scavenger hunts, Uno, and nap time; instead of just solid adult conversation.

I think the childish activities can be partially explained by 2 factors:

1.We all agree that scavenger hunts are appropriate fun-time activities for younger children. In the general populace however, these fun-time activities are gradually replaced by the new fun-time activities of drugs, sex, and rock &roll. In contrast, mormons must abstain from these new fun-time activities (okay maybe we can dabble in a little rock&roll, but just a little!). Today's average college student was making blanket forts fifteen years ago, and now they are getting wasted and trying to get laid. Today's average BYU student was making blanket forts fifteen years ago, and now they are still making blanket forts (but now with the opposite sex! Watch out!).

2. Mormons young single adults (especially in Utah, and special especially in Utah County) have a problem with trying to be too creative in their activities/dates. For some reason we are not satisfied with just a meal and conversation as the post's author suggested. Apparently we go on/to so many dates/activities that it just gets banal for many of us. We want to stand out. We want to be fun. We want to be quirky (which is really cool right now).

Put it all together and it makes sense that this is how the YSA act.

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