Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dating Skills: Questions

A common piece of dating advice goes like this: When you are on a date, make sure you ask the other person a good amount of questions. No one likes a person that only talks about themselves, but everyone likes a person who is interested in them. If you are asking someone questions, you are expressing your interest in them. A good question will make your date feel good about themselves and you, not to mention keep the conversation flowing smoothly. Get it? Asking questions = Great Dater. It's that simple.
Personally I learned this lesson early on and have over the years developed a list of go-to first date questions that are guaranteed to make sparks fly and flies spark. Some of my best questions:

  • "Why is blue?"

  • "How many children do you want and when do you want them? Like do you want to wait, or are you ready to start having them right away? cuz I really want to start a family right away you know?"

  • "Is it just me or was that girl who just walked by smoking hot?"

  • "Would you rather eat a dead baby, or hit a live one?"

  • "Are STDs a dealbreaker for you? I mean if they are already mostly treated and are barely noticeable? Just hypothetically speaking of course hahah...haha"

Conversation gold right there. GOLD I TELL YOU!
Some people have not mastered the fine art of The Question. For example, this weekend I went to a show with this cute little thing. This girl (who admittedly is on the young side) is now known in my apartment as the Inquisitor. I have never been asked so many questions on a date. She was relentless. It was all the standard questions, but it was ALL the standard questions, in rapid fire. It made the conversation pretty painful. At the same time, I could tell she is a super shy girl that was just nervous (and who could blame her considering my status as a Hottie McHotterson). Of course that just made the whole thing cute (I'm not exactly sure why).
So it looks like I'm gonna have to give the Inquisitor another shot.

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