Sunday, January 12, 2014

Return To My Heart Snowy River

So I don't know how many of you watched the CES devotional on TV tonight #CESDevo. Also, I don't know how many people left the TV on the BYU channel after it ended. But for those of you that did, you were treated to a great piece of cinema.

Okay so after the devotional the BYU channel had on "The Return to Snowy River" the sequel to fellow classic "The Man from Snowy River". I grew up watching these movies and loved them, but it has been like 15 years since that last time I watched them. For those of you who have not watched it, its basically Brokeback Mountain, but with a girl and a guy, instead of two dudes. Naaah I'm just kidding, I have no clue what the plot of Brokeback Mountain actually is........okay I just looked up the plot of Brokeback Mountain and this plot is waaaaaay different.  For the plot of  "The Return to the Snowy River" however, the link to the wikipedia page is here and a clip of an iconic scene is here.

Alright now that we have that out of the way. I would like to share what I learned the watching "The Return to Snowy River":

Girls like a man that is handy with a bull whip- This one seems pretty obvious. Its pretty freaking macho. No lie, I can crack a whip like its a smile. I'm telling you, I can make that thing sing like Vienna choir boy. (Did you know that the whip was the earliest man made way to break the sound barrier - true story)

Guys that are good at taming horses are also good at taming women- Less obvious, but still makes sense.

Pitch black horses are ballers - I feel like this is a must in movies right? Totally white horses (LOTR's Shadowfax) can also be pretty epic. Kinda spotty brown horse? Meh.

If a girl's dad doesn't like you because you are a poor "drifter" from the mountains, that shouldn't stop you- Yeah, screw him!

I want to be part of a posse- I want to be soooo bad. Riding horses in a huge group, going full speed, chasing a horse thief? That's my life's new aspiration. I actually have quite a bit of experience riding horses, but never like that.

Thats all for now. Giddy up!
I Don't Know What You're Selling, But I'm Buying!

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