Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jerks, Shame, and Matchmaking Part 1

The day I moved into my current ward, something funny happened. I parked in the closest parking spot to my apartment and started unloading my automobile. Very normal activity. Right as I was finishing up and heading to my car for the last load, I passed two girls that were talking about some jerk. Apparently this jerk had parked in her spot or something and she had to park super far away blah blah blah.

My first thought was "yeah, that guy is a total jerk and probably deserves to die", my second thought was "Dang that angry girl is super attractive, I wonder if she lives in this apartment complex", my third thought was "Wait, does this apartment complex have assigned parking spots?", and that's when I finally realized that I was the jerk. Hoping to escape unnoticed, tried to get into my car all stealthy like and drive away before Hot Angry Girl found out it was me. Unfortunately, as I was backing out I turned and saw Hot Angry Girl just standing there, giving me the death stare.

Definitely the not best start at a new ward, but what can you do? Several months went by and although Hot Angry Girl was probably the girl I found to be most attractive in my ward, I never made a move because of 1) that awkward first encounter and 2) it seemed like she always had boyfriend.

A few weeks ago I was talking to HotAngry's roommate (who I home teach (every month (first week of the month)) and she out of the blue suggested that I should ask out HotAngry.

Now whenever a girl tells me I should ask out another girl, I'm always skeptical/suspicious/don't know what to think.


There could be a number of reasons she is telling me this:
  1. HotAngry digs me and the roommate is trying to tell me to strike while the iron is hot (and angry)
  2. She's trying to get HotAngry a date because she hasn't been asked out lately, just broke up with a guy, etc
  3. She thinks we would be good together (matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match)
  4. Its an elaborate scheme to get me alone with HotAngry so that HotAngry can inflict bodily harm on me for stealing her parking spots months ago. 
At the time I figured it was probably a combination of reason 1 and reason 4, but really if a girl tells me to ask out her roommate who I already kinda wanted to ask out, then I probably should just ask her out right?

So that's what I did.

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