Sunday, April 27, 2014

Graduation and Other News

I graduated! No more Testing Center(Although I actually have a lot of fond memories of crushing tests in there)! No more more walking to class through the snow and only regaining feeling in my face halfway through class! No more cleaning checks! No more flirting with the girl who does the cleaning checks in order to pass the cleaning checks (Pro tip)! I'm out of here suckers!

The Office

Okay, so I'm actually staying in Provo for the rest of the summer (in between all my travels). But then, I'm really out of here.

Its funny, when I first got back from my mission my mindset was that I'll have to get married before I leave BYU or else I would be screwed haha. For all I know, that could be still true, but I am a lot less concerned about it now that its actually happening. I'm not sure if my lessened concern is due to a denial to the reality that I'm screwed, an acceptance of the reality that I'm screwed, or possibly a maturation of my thought process that makes me now think that I don't need to married at this point of my life, that I can be happy alone, and that this extra time being single will allow me to better understand myself and grow as an individual and work on being a better me, and all that crap.

In other news, Hot Angry and her new boyfriend (Mr. Eskimo Brother) now attend my ward together, and aren't they the most affectionate couple you ever did see. They also go to all our ward social events. Which by extension of course means I don't go to any of my ward social events. And wait! There's more! We are both staying in this ward over the summer. So, I got that going on for me, which is nice.

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