Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why Its So Hard Having A Hot Girlfriend

Okay so HotAngry and I are not technically dating and so she's not technicallymy girlfriend....yet. Things are going great, but because we both have been super busy with school and work stuff, and because my family was in town last weekend and her family is in town this weekend (and its little too early for meeting parents) we have not be able to hang out as much as we would have liked. Consequently we have not been able to have a DTR to make things official (it's not an "avoiding it" thing, its purely a " have not seen each other" thing). I'm not really worried though its basically understood at this point.

Which brings me back to the topic of this post: the hardships of having a hot girlfriend. Every guy thinks they want a hot girlfriend, but few actually know, and much less consider all the negatives. A common analogy is buying a very expensive car that needs frequent and costly upkeep. Although generally true, I'm not even talking about that (HotAngry has been really good on that far haha).

I'm talking about other dudes. I've had hot girlfriends before that you can tell other guys are eyeing and that get hit on when your not around. It was never a problem though, it was actually a kind of weird affirmation/compliment. But with HotAngry its like a whole other ballgame. She gets hit on CONSTANTLY. She always tells me about it too, which is alright I guess, but because we are not "exclusive" yet, it's a little stressful. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I need to have this DTR. I've never wanted to have DTR so bad in my life. I am so DTDTR (Down To DTR).

It doesn't stop there though, multiple time guys have hit on her while we were together. If we go back to the car analogy, this is like a owning a really expensive car, and having people constantly try to steal it - while you are driving it. One time, while clearly on a date, we were walking from my car (the real one, not the analogy one) to the restaurant and a guy walking the opposite direction (I kid you not) says, "Dang you're hot, can I have your number?"

what animated GIF

I was dumbfounded. Are you serious? Who does that? Like I understand the whole taking a shot because you never know blah blah blah, but when the girl is on a date with another guy? What was he hoping would happen? For her to look at him, then look at me, then back to him, then pull out a mirror to look at herself, and finally back to him and then be like "you know what, I think I will give you my number, and could I also go home with you?" The other weird thing was that this dude was tiny. I must have had like 12 inches and 100lbs on him. I could have wrecked you! (Do you even lift? Get on my level! and other masculine sayings).

We actually just silently kept on walking. It's happened multiple times now and I still don't know how to react to it.

On the bright side, these fools are about as good at stealing cars (the analogy ones, not the real ones) as this guy:

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Your life is so hard!!