Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bathroom Fellowshipping

So last week at church I used the restroom (as any normal not-even-necessarily-small-bladder person would do) and before I left I checked myself in the mirror (as any normal not-even-necessarily-vain person would do). Just making sure I am looking good for the ladies (I do it all for the ladies, cuz I'm crazy altruistic like that). And surprise, surprise. I am still really handsome. Now because no one else was in the bathroom with me, I checked out my back side to make sure the back of my shirt was still properly tucked in. You know, one of these actions:

No big deal right?

Except right as I was doing that, a new investigator walks into the bathroom. Now I don't know what goes down in the girl's bathroom, but guys are not looking back at their back sides in the men's restroom. It was awkward and I should have defused the the situation by being friendly and joking about it. But I didn't do that. I panicked. It was like I was caught doing something wrong and I was startled and just bailed out of there without making eye contact or even washing my hands. (Jk that would be so gross, I totally had already washed before this happened. Just think of how many people you shake hands with at church. (Which why I extra wash my right hand)).

Fast forward to today and once again I use the bathroom at church. Again I am alone. Again I first wash my right hand because that is the #1 priority. Again I check out and adjust my backside. I'm in a different bathroom from last week that no one uses, so what are the chances? The chances are good. THE SAME FREAKING INVESTIGATOR WALKS IN ON ME! I turn to look at him.

askreddit animated GIF

This time I was calm. This time I was ready to laugh it off and explain myself. Nope. Before I could even say anything the poor dude turned right back around and out the door. He probably had seen enough and kept walking straight out to the parking lot, into his car, and drove home. I seriously didn't see him after that. Sooo......I guess I have that on my conscious now.

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