Sunday, July 20, 2014

How To Make A Video For The Mormon Bachelorette

So all the good ladies that are trying to become the next Mormon Bachelorette have to make videos talking about themselves and why they should be the next Mormon Bachelorette (or one of 3 apparently). So of course most of the videos are going to be painfully awkward. Mad props for them trying anyways. The thing is though, if you watch enough of the Mormon Bachelorette videos, (and I certainly have) you start to notice some things. Common themes you could say. Specifically, I have noticed four essential elements of a Mormon Bachelorette video:

  • Family -You got to mention how much you love your family, love kids, want to have a family and settle down. Basically you want to make it abundantly clear that you are would be the world's greatest mom. Bonus points for including a clip of you playing with your nieces and nephews
  • Spirituality - Make sure to mention how rock solid you are. Leave no doubt. 
  • Something about physical activity - You work out? You run marathons? Hike? Dance? Shoot guns or anything else besides sitting on your booty and Pinteresting it up? Then add it in there! You don't want people to think you are a couch potato that is just getting fat.
  • Love for travel - You LOVE traveling right? Who doesn't? And interesting people travel a lot right? Well then make sure everyone knows you have been places and seen crap.

Now I'm not trying to make fun of the videos, its just interesting how so many of them have these same elements. Basically these four things represent what these ladies think people (or guys more specifically) view as some of the most desirable traits. Right? That is why they are bringing them up and emphasizing them over and over again. What is even more interesting is comparing those four traits to what I actually consider as the most desirable traits. Obviously those 4 things above are all desirable to differing degrees, but it doesn't match up exactly with what I would find most desirable or what I look for first in a girl (nice ankles).

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