Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reverse Tinder

So I honestly have never used Tinder, although I know how it works and find it intriguing. I just haven't felt the need or the desire to use it.

However, I was sitting with two of my female friends recently and they were on Tinder. It was funny to watch them go through and reject virtually every guy. Now neither of these girls is overly attractive, and they are both smart and nerdy. They were rejecting all these dudes that were right in their wheelhouse or maybe even "out of their league". I know the guys these two girls have dated before and they were nothing special in the looks department, usually just your run of the mill nerdy guys. So I was confused and I would ask why after each rejection but they rarely had an answer.

So I have a theory. My theory is that if they were to actually talk to some of these guys, that they would not reject nearly so many.

So I have an idea: Reverse Tinder! I think it would be more effective if the Tinder concept was reversed. First, you chat with people without knowing anything about them. Then if they seem cool from chatting, you can see their picture. Finally you can judge from there if you want to continue things.

I think this would be beneficial for both girls and boys.

Girls will reject less guys because the ice will be broken and they will be invested in the guys "personalities" or whatever girls see in guys.

For boys it will save them from themselves. I can't tell you how many times I'd be having a conversation with a hot girl and then think, "if this girl wasn't hot, I would totally think what she is saying is totally stupid". At the same time it would still give us the opportunity to filter girls on looks, which is what makes Tinder so awesome for guys (those pigs!).

Anyways, I call it Rednit and I will make millions!

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Anonymous said...

I actually would totally try that out.