Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Elders Quorum

Today we were having a lovely, just lovely Elder's Quorum lesson. It was really making me think deeply on how I could improve as a person. At one point one of my fellow brethren makes an analogy about how we would feel if some one only blatantly lied to us and tried to deceive us, at which point a guy in the back of the room says,"I know how that feels, I was married to someone exactly like that."

Conan Discomfort

Not going to lie, it was a little uncomfortable.

In other news, it seems that more and more awesome guys are moving into our ward. To the point where I feel like the female side is seriously lagging behind. Like I always thought (despite a few weirdos) that there was a lot of awesome guys in our ward, but just more and more keep coming. So many seem to be attractive, smart, athletic, spiritual, personable, well-employed dudes. This isn't just me thinking that all my friends are awesome. I have never been in a ward before where I thought one gender sorely outmatched the other, but I definitely think so with my current ward. Its great for EQ activities and lessons, not so good for all of us getting married. 

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