Sunday, February 8, 2015

Other People's Relationships

Since there is currently nothing going on in my own love life, I have found that I am much more interested in other people's love lives that I normally would be (maybe this is what married people feel like and why they are always trying to set me up on dates.)

One relationship I am currently emotionally invested in involves 2 of my friends from the ward.

Let's call the girl Xena, just because. I've personally never really been attracted to Xena (the girl in my ward, not the warrior princess), but I can see how people would find her attractive. Besides her personality is definitely not my cup of tea, so I've never been interested in her. She has been very flirty with me on occasion, but that's just how she is.

(Those bangs)

The guy, lets call him Harry, just because I recently read a lot JK Rowling tweets. Anyways, he's a really smart, sociable guy with a great job. Maybe a little nerdy/goofy and not really what you would call a physical specimen so to speak, more on the average/soft side appearance wise. I don't know him super well, but I really like him from our limited interactions.


So about 2 months ago I heard that Xena had a new make-out buddy, but I didn't think twice about it or dig to find out who it was. Then a few weeks ago I started to notice that Xena and Harry were always with each other. I put two and two together and determined that Harry is the mystery make-out buddy. And my first thought was, "Nice job Harry!", my second thought was something about bananas, my third thought was "I would have never would have guessed those two would hook up". I thought Xena was a little too shallow to go for him, but I just figured Harry must be smoother than I thought. HARRY'S GOT GAME Y'ALL.

Turns out I was wrong (and right). Harry is not Xena's make-out buddy as I thought (so I was wrong there), some other guy who is not nearly as smart, but who incidentally is much more muscular is the make-out buddy (so I was right about the shallow thing). The worst part is that Harry does really really like Xena. And has been going with her everywhere the last 2 months. Talking with her late into the night (well when she's not snogging with the other guy). Going shopping with her. Taking care of her when she's sick. Spending all weekend helping her move.

Man down! Man down! This is a level 5 friend zoning and I can't just stand idly by. I have to do something! I'll save you Harry!


No but really I am having a man to man conversation with Harry the next chance I get. He's going to learn today! (or actually probably tomorrow at FHE cuz it pretty freaking late tonight)

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