Sunday, March 1, 2015

Grand Gestures

This past Valentines day I once again gave thanks for being single and not having to come up with some fantastically romantic plan. Listening to some of my roommates and colleagues it seems like such a stress, and therefore not romantic at all. I've recently started thinking about GRAND GESTURES in general. I feel like girls have been conditioned to want these grand gestures from their men. These fantastical, elaborate, and costly experiences meticulously planned by the guy to show his true love or some BS like that. Shows like the Bachelor where every date is a grand affair or chick flicks like the The Notebook have set some ridiculous standards.

The reason I didn't like The Notebook (not to mention the main character's blatant unfaithfulness to her fiance) is how bat-shiz crazy Ryan Gosling's character is (remember when Gosling was the nerd in Remember the Titans? Man have times changed). There is a scene where he jumps on a Ferris wheel and straight up risks his life to get her to go on a date with him. Are you serious? Is that really what girls want? Suicidal guys that would rather die than not go on a date with you?

frustrated animated GIF

Although I have to admit I did think it was funny when he tells her "don't do me any favors (Oh Ryan, you get me every time *little girl giggles*). I also like their first date activity of laying in the middle of freaking the street. Screw holding a girl's door open for her on the first date, if you really want to make a girl fall for you just do insane, legitimately dangerous things. #ThingsILearnedFromWatchingTheNotebook

Another example from the real lifes:

First of all, if a man wants to take his wife on a surprise trip to Europe, great for them. What is stupid  is videoing it and posting on Facebook and YouTube. Its like, are you doing this cuz you love your wife or because you want a million views and to brag about how good of a husband you are?

The worst part was the comments on Facebook, so many wives tagging their husbands saying "why can't you do this for me" or guys commenting that they wished they had the money to do the same. It was disgusting. This video is an extreme example, but just the practice of posting on Facebook every romantic thing your significant other does for you or you do for your significant other seems to cheapen it all (and no I'm not just a bitter single person, what does that have anything to do with it?).

Unless you do something this amazing, then you are obligated to share it with the whole world:


Anonymous said...

THIS!!!! This has so much truth!

Anonymous said...

Guys should always open the door for a girl on the first date. They should just always open the door for a girl. Classy girls fall for gentlemen.