Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Long Distance Mitigation Plan

So I came up with a plan. Every other week I fly to Opera or fly her to me (luckily I’m not poor, which is nice). That way we would see each other relatively often and hopefully ease the pain of long distance as much as possible.

We’ve been doing that and I think it’s working. So far I’ve just been flying back and forth every other weekend, although I bought a ticket for her to come visit me in a few weeks. This plan has definitely made my weekends pretty crazy, which has cut into my blogging time. Sorry.

But not sorry, because it has been awesome to hang out with Opera on the weekends and finally be in a relationship again. I think I have thoroughly won over her whole family: her parents, her siblings, her sibling’s spouses, her nieces and nephews, her crazy uncle (we all have one), her cat (even though I’m allergic and secretly hate Mr. Mittens and hope he chokes on a hairball and dies). 

You should all try relationships, they are awesome and I highly recommend it. Or at least the first few months seem to be pretty good haha. And if the blog suffers a little bit, so be it. I am plotting ways for this long distance relationship to just become a normal distance relationship, but that is still months away. Until then I’m content with the current setup.

Recently, I was talking with my colleague about it and she posited that it is a lot harder for non-mormons like herself to have long distance relationships because non-mormons actually sleep together while I’m not having sex with Opera. To which I responded, "yeah, well at least you sometimes get to do it."

burn animated GIF

Okay, it wasn't really a burn. But I just felt like this post could use a gif. Sue me.

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