Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Engagement Updates

Guys, I have to talk more about engagements. Just a few more updates and then I will be done for awhile. Promise.

Okay, first the update. Do you remember Xena and Harry? You can refresh your memory here and here. Anyways, the one run-on sentence version was that Harry was in love with Xena, Xena hardcore friend zoned and used Harry, and Harry just bent over and took it.

friend zone
(Like this guy)

It was sad to watch and everyone kept trying to rescue Harry (including me). It was like the battered wife that kept going back to the abusive husband, (just not THAT depressing). Well they are engaged. It still is hard for my mind to compute. The short pudgy spineless balding homely looking guy whose only redeeming quality is his faithfulness is not supposed to end up with the tall shallow blonde bombshell. That just doesn't happen. I have never seen someone recover from being so badly friendzoned. He some how was able to slowly break down all resistance. Dude deserves a medal.

friend zone
(oh the feels, sorry I had too)

The second update. Do you remember Tattoo girl? Well she actually isn't engaged. She's freaking married! Only knew the guy 3 months before tying the knot. And guess what? Another pudgy balding homely guy! What is going on here? It only took her 3 months to marry a guy who looks like Paul Giamatti's less attractive and heavier cousin, and she couldn't even text me back!


I thought he must be really smart or rich or successful. Nope, studied communications at BYU- Idaho JV. Works as a customer service rep. Maybe he's really funny. He has to be really funny right? Well you couldn't tell from his Facebook page. A little bit of evidence suggesting he is weird maybe, but not seemingly funny or clever.

I didn't want to date either of the girls and props to both guys, it just makes no darn sense. Either pudgy and balding is in now in style (the next man bun?) or I don't really understand what women are looking for.

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Elizabeth Downie said...

I know a happily married couple much like couple number one. The guy just wore the girl down. She's gorgeous and he's average. They're happy.

This is much more common than you would think. Not all women are looking for what you think they're looking for. I think most are looking for kindness, acceptance, support, and stability. (Oh and of course other good stuff like sense of humor and muscly arms.)